A day in my life…

I remember seeing one of these type posts in college and thought it was neat to get to see the ins and outs of the daily schedule for someone in the position I was headed for.  Now…I realize how much work must have went into recording that in addition to doing all the work. So…here goes. 

7:40-I arrive at one of my itinerant schools and clock in.  I’m waiting for our district program coordinator, as we are checking on three students at this school.  One has transferred out, but even though we’re completing our fourth week, he hasn’t officially withdrawn.  Another is a move in from across the country.  The third is a kindergartner who has hearing loss and behavior issues, but we don’t have any kind of IEP information.  While waiting, I chat with various people-the teacher who had my student last year, a TA who used to work at my base school, the ESL teacher.  In between conversations, I’m covertly checking my phone (because I didn’t want to bring my laptop in to have one more thing to wrangle) to see if I got my time or day wrong.  At 8:00 the tardy bell rings and I assist the secretary in encouraging students to go into the office, as they are late and need a pass.  During all this, the district program coordinator arrives and we head to kindergarten.

8:10-We talk to the kindergarten teacher.  There’s small talk-it just so happens that I went to school with her sons and she taught my brother. My program coordinator goes to talk to the student and I listen in. We talk some more to the teacher. The parent was supposed to send in a copy of his old records, but they’re not in his folder-the teacher and the TA both check.  However, there is a note in his planner book that the mom will attend a teacher conference this Friday. We talk a few minutes more, then leave.

8:30-We’ve found the EC chair and are talking to her about a move-in student.  There will be a meeting for him, per district policy, and we want to try to see if there is a recent audiological exam and any kind of testing results.  My program coordinator will be calling his mother tonight.  The three of us talk about how the student is doing, but we’re all hesitant to make too many decisions when we’re only in the fourth week of school.  We also talk about the student who has moved out.  There are still paperwork issues.  So we’re headed back to the office.

8:45-We talk to the data manager and she gives the program coordinator copies of e-mails and they discuss what’s going on with the paperwork.  The student has been officially withdrawn, so we can go back to tell the EC chair that she can withdraw the student from EC records as well.  Of course, after trekking across the school, we find that the teacher isn’t in her room-possibly serving students or helping with picture day, so we move on.

9:00-We’re back in the office and check out.  We head out to our cars and chat-talking about materials and things.  I ask about one of my students at my base school that we’re getting ready to fit with an assistive device.  Turns out I need to make a call to the parent and I have her cell number-sitting on my desk at my base school.  Since I want to make the call prior to the student being taken to the audiologist, I rush off.

9:20-I arrive back at my home school. There’s a sign-in sheet in the office, then I’m off to my room, quickly getting info from my language facilitator.  I call the parent and have to leave a voice mail. I also check my voice mail and find out that one of my students is still missing some personal equipment, as the wrong side was ordered.  At that point, I go to take my lunch box to the fridge and fill my water bottle, only to be stopped by a facilitator saying that at student’s parent is on the phone.  I rush back and speak to her.  That goes well, I go to get my water, then manage a few minutes to sit and write up to this point.  And now-at 9:58-it’s time to start sessions for the day.

11:30-Two sessions done. It’s lunch time now, and I’m chowing down on some grilled chicken tenders.  During my first session, things went smoothly, working on listening and moving objects around according to prepositions. I also got to talk to him about making sure to keep his hands and feet…and other body parts to himself (We don’t push. We don’t kiss at school.) We were finishing up, reading and talking about books and school when the little dude announced that his hearing aids were dead.  With about five minutes left in his session, I set about changing batteries.  I took the first out, checked it for wax (which there was) and cleaned it.  Then I checked to make sure he was accurate with telling me-he was.  No sound whatsoever.  I switched out that battery (after giving it the requisite minute or two for the chemicals to oxidize. Did the same thing with the other ear.  It was during all of this that I remember being pretty proud of myself, as at this point last year, I could not (FOR THE LIFE OF ME) remove or reinsert a hearing aid.  Today it took little fuss and little time.  So glad I’ve made improvements in that area at least.

During my second session, I got to check out my student’s new processor. The magnet was too tight on his head, which was making him hurt.  I fixed that and applied a topical ointment we use.  It seemed to help and we got started.  He had a really good session, which was surprising after hearing how his day has gone thus far.  We played picture bingo, with me making up the clues (not just saying the name of the item). He struggled at first-a set of 24 might have been a bit large.  But after a few times, he got the hang of it and I got ten items in and he just happened to win bingo.  I promised him a prize for winning if he continued to work hard.  And so he did-and got the prize.  It was a basketball pencil sharpener and we had to have a chat about how it has one job-to sharpen pencils.  I also told him that if he threw it, bounced it, rolled it, etc.  it a) might break and b) would probably be taken away.  He seemed to understand that and I reiterated that information as we got to his classroom and saw his teacher.

11:48-I’ve been typing and eating all this time.  A facilitator came in, asking if another student’s session time in another teacher’s room had changed, as he was still out of his classroom.  I haven’t heard anything about it, but I told her that she could check through guidance to see if the teacher was still in her room.  I also asked her to go check on one of our kindergarteners-one who had an appointment and was coming in late today.  She’s still not here, so I don’t know if I’ll get a session with her in today or not.  If not…then that’s a few more minutes to prep for tomorrow, thank goodness.

12:00-Student never showed.  I’m going to spend the next little bit working on prep for tomorrow, since I’ll be coming in late.

2:12- I’ve had my last session of the day.  I managed to catch a student’s mom to get her to check that she could attend a meeting we’ve scheduled and we spoke for a minute.  After that, I came back to my room and found out that one of my students is being suspended for violent behavior.  He’s had multiple incidents this week and one of the student’s parent came in and is very concerned.  So when he was hitting and kicking and punching peers in the stomach, a decision was made.  Unfortunately, while I understand that he can’t do these behaviors, I’m wondering if the other kids knowingly instigate things with him.  He’s been at this school for three years and he’s caused issues every year.

2:57-I’m working on leaving, trying to get out of here a bit earlier than usual.  I took one student to his late bus and a facilitator is taking the other one right now.  It’s been a crazy, wild, eventful day.  Here’s hoping that tomorrow is better.


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